How It Works

We research and vet brands and marketplaces with style
And list them on the website

You search for products based on your preferences of style, price and ethics

You click onto the products you like and are directed to the ethical brand or marketplace website


We understand that a person’s ethics is very personal, which is why we use a process of: questionnaires, ranking methodology and icons to celebrate the most ethical fashion and create a personalised search for each person.

Whether you care about plastic free, fair pay or all of the above, we want to make it easy for your purchases to work harder and have a positive impact on the world!


The Compare Ethics

The Compare Ethics Methodology informs the process of how products rank on the comparison tool page.


To list on the website, a product must fall under at least one category and one ethical tag.

The more categories and tags the higher the place the product has on the page.

And because we understand that some actions are more ethical than others, we give each tag a 1-4 point weighting. For instance, a commitment to carbon reduction is 1 point and a carbon neutral is 3 points!

Simply put, the more ethical product is, the more points it features, the higher it ranks on the page. This supports customer and business change toward a world that celebrates ethical best practice!

For details on Compare Ethics Methodology see here.



Planet Friendly






Animal Cruelty-Free